rome final project

The study abroad trip in Rome required us to complete a sketchbook and have a final work of art. For my final, I did gel transfer portraits of Roman males. I did these image transfers on italian silk that I bought in Rome. After I transfered the image, I used acrylic paint to enhance and abstract the image so that the face would have unnatural tones giving interest to the piece. I wanted to capture the essence of Rome in my piece. Rome is a powerful and proud city but also one of the most beautiful, if not the MOST beautiful. The silk is to reflect the softness and beauty of Rome while the male portraits are to reflect the strength. Also, the woman can be symbolized as the fabric and the male portraits who, obviously, reflect the men of Rome so that the work can embody the people of Rome. I wanted the fabric to show through the faces so that the portraits looked unified. Image transfers all come out differently and can be unpredictable – some of the image didn’t transfer in the works so there are these little holes in the men’s faces. I could have gone back and hand painted them but I ended up really liking the way they were distressed.





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